They finally made a lock to keep your roommates from stealing your weed

The Halo+ mason jar: access denied.

The weed jar. Iconic, enduring, and full of those sweet medical herbs that children absolutely should not have. Or maybe you have a literal cookie jar that your partner keeps raiding when you’re not looking. Either way, you need to be able to keep people the hell out of your jars!

Enter the Halo+ mason jar lock (the company calls it “smart storage”). Spotted in the Health and Biotech section here CES’ Eureka Park, this thing fits over the lid of a standard large mouth mason jar and, once latched closed, prevents prying fingers from accessing your goods. The Halo+ charges over USB-C and connects to your phone with an app that unlocks it, allowing access to those sweet, sweet materials.

A rep for Varnatech, the company behind the Halo+, informed me that it will be available in a crowdfunding campaign around March and will cost between $35 and $45.