This rooftop tent strikes the balance between traditional camping and RV

Nature photographers will love the extra trunk space.

A person sits in a TentBox Classic with their feet on the ladder

TentBox finds the sweet spot between your typical tent camping and RV camping. The TentBox Classic is a hard-shelled box tent that looks pretty innocuous affixed to the top of a vehicle and is aerodynamically designed. Bedding for two people can be stored inside along with the included ladder.

Once campers arrive at their destination they get a little pneumatic help to easily open it into its tent shape in about a minute. You can enter from either side, each equipped with an awning, and your slumber is protected by a mosquito net screen.

Andrew Hoyle, a London-based lead editor and photographer at CNET, recently took the Tentbox Classic for a spin through the Scottish island of Mull. The tent can be mounted to the top of any vehicle, but Hoyle tested the pop-up tent on Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. The tent complemented his off-roading experience and allowed plenty of space for his photography gear, a boon for any fellow nature photographers out there.

With no lengthy camp setup or special parking to worry about, you can set up shop wherever your vehicle’s allowed. You’ll also have more maneuverability than an RV, so the off-roading potential is high. The room saved in the trunk can go to precious photography gear or cooking gear like solar ovens.

The TentBox Classic is currently available on pre-order, hitting the general market on October 21 at $2,995 each.