This luxury trailer can charge a Tesla and help you escape society

The Living Vehicle is an off-grid, portable home with a big battery, heaps of solar panels, and a giant price tag.

Living Vehicle, a luxury trailer company, has released a new camper with an almost unbelievable amount of power behind it. It’s the kind of vehicle that could truly allow for sustainable, off-the-grid living without giving up access to basic energy sources.

The 2021 series Living Vehicle, which was created in collaboration with a company called Volta Power Systems, contains the highest capacity lithium-ion system available in a trailer. It’s absolutely packed to the brim with energy capacity.

With the ongoing pandemic still forcing us to isolate from friends and loved ones, there’s truly never been a better time to go off-grid. Living Vehicle’s plan is to make that dream plausible... at least for those who can afford it.

Perpetually sustainable — The 2021 Living Vehicle can store up to 47,600 watt-hours of energy and offers up to 3,080 watts of solar power. That’s enough to keep all your electronics charged and then some, even if there are a few overcast days in your rural hideout spot.

It’s also more than enough to charge an all-electric vehicle. The trailer’s 240-volt exportable power option is ready to charge your Tesla at rates of up to 44 miles per charge-hour, Living Vehicle says. It’s even ready to dole out power to vehicles as massive as Tesla’s forthcoming Cybertruck or Rivian’s R1T.

The trailer’s immense battery power also makes it infinitely more livable. The new model can run two air conditioners on solar power alone, the company says. It also has the capacity to hold 100 gallons of freshwater and 80 pounds of propane within its walls at any given time.

Also it’s fancy fancy — The Living Vehicle isn’t for everyone. It’s not even for everyone with enough money to own a Tesla. The 2021 Living Vehicle trailer pricing starting at $229,995 and climbs nearer $300k if you get the top-spec version and get stuck into customizations. So you might need to choose between buying a house and buying this trailer — unless you happen to be a billionaire, but in that case, you likely have a subterranean lair in New Zealand already.

Living Vehicle

Awe-inspiring power capacity aside, the Living Vehicle is also just plain luxurious. It comes equipped with a “spa-style” bathroom, a full-sized kitchen ready for cooking, and a master bedroom that transforms into a beautiful work-from-home space.

There’s a very good chance you won’t be able to afford the latest Living Vehicle. Still, it’s a cool look at what the future of sustainable living could look like, and a great item to add to your post lottery win wishlist.

Living Vehicle