This collection of “tactical” outdoor furniture begs you to keep working remotely

Don't go back to the office, because South Korea’s Helinox just introduced a line of sturdy, packable furniture in a sleek military colorway.

The Tactical Collection from Helinox is a line of ultralight, durable outdoor furniture for working ...

Summer officially starts this weekend, and many people continue to work from home. That means now is the perfect time to get some gear that will let you stay productive while getting some fresh air. Fortunately, South Korea’s Helinox just released a new line of packable furniture that’s not only lightweight but sleek and durable, too.

Outdoor cool — Called the Tactical Collection, the set features a range of five products in a military-style colorway. But for the purposes of this story, the “Field Office” table is what’s catching our eye. Coming in at under than five pounds, the collapsible table comes in a rugged-looking cargo bag and is said to sturdy enough for just about any environment.

Tactical Field Office table and carrying case.Helinox

The accompanying carrying case is especially hot with its rugged outdoorsy aesthetic. Helinox says it is made of 600D polyfabric and MOLLE webbing that should make it exceptionally durable. A padded inner case allows for storage of other goodies besides the table, like your laptop or maybe a camera.

The Field Office table is $200 but, c’mon, at least nobody’s going to be able to call you goofy rocking this:

Tactical Field Office carrying case.Helinox

There are also two lightweight chairs in the Tactical Collection, the Chair One ($119.95) and Sunset Chair ($184.95), as well as a cloth table and a cot for when you need to take a break.

The Tactical Sunset Chair.Helinox

Like the table’s carrying case, the chairs featuring extra storage space where you can place your phone, a notebook, or whatever else you need so it doesn’t clutter up your workspace.

Storage compartments are aplenty on the Tactical Sunset Chair.Helinox
The Tactical Collection is lightweight but durable. Helinox

Even though the collection isn’t cheap, the Tactical Collection’s smart, lightweight design and claimed durability could make it a nice to have for any outdoor adventure you might take. We prefer a good built-to-last product anyway; there’s already enough waste in this world.