Toyota Supra made from Lego is life-sized and can actually drive

Thanks to an electric drivetrain, speeds top 17 mph.

Lego has built a life-sized model of Toyota’s Supra GR sports car — and it actually drives. The 477,303-piece car was built to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Supra.

As reported by The Next Web, the model car was built in partnership between Lego Japan, Legoland Japan, and Toyota Gazoo Racing. The model is made almost entirely of bricks save for the wheels, driver’s seat, steering wheel, and gauge cluster.

Inside the Lego Toyota Supra. The “mirrors” are just bricks, so this might not be street legal.Autoevolution

A parent’s worst nightmare — There’s also an electric drivetrain inside that allows the Lego Supra to reach top speeds of 28 kilometers per hour, or about 17 miles per hour. That’s not going to win any races — except maybe against electric scooters, which typically max out at speeds around 15mph.

This model would certainly be a parent’s worst nightmare. But if you look at the picture above, you’ll notice that the “mirrors” are made from bricks. So this thing isn’t street legal.

According to Autoevolution, it took 3,000 hours to develop the model and another 2,400 hours to actually build it. The Lego Supra weighs in at 4,000 pounds. It will be on display at Legoland Japan until October 11 and will later be exhibited at the Japanese Super GT racing series.

Lego has been used to make life-sized models of other products, like a model of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System that comes in at 2,646 pieces. That one would be a lot easier for anyone to build, and it costs just $230.