This genius dog harness has a retractable leash built right in

Imagine hooking and unhooking your dog way less frequently.

You ever see a product that’s so obvious and so necessary that it kind of blows your mind that it doesn’t already exist? The Tailhigh dog harness is that product; it’s a dog harness for small- and medium-sized dogs that has a built-in, retractable five foot leash. Genius.


The harness has a few neat features. Its flat, ribbon-style lead is automatically drawn into and out of the housing like any other retractable leash, plus it will catch the lead if your dog suddenly pulls. It also just looks like a fully baked product, using EVA foam and a snazzy-looking housing that comes in three colors.


The reason that the Tailhigh dog harness feels like a real product is probably because it was created by BKID, an industrial design studio based out of Seoul. According to BKID’s bio page the founder and Design Director, Bongkyu Song, worked with Samsung on the original Galaxy Tab, which is pretty sweet.


Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like you can buy a Tailhigh dog harness right now. The company’s website points toward a Korea crowdfunding website called At the time of this writing it appears that the campaign is over 5,000 percent funded, there are recent updates in the “News” section, and there’s video of the harnesses being made, so all hope is not lost. Backers should apparently expect the first deliveries to start in early October.

Does this help you, a person presumably reading this in the U.S.? No, of course not, but if they are ever made available in the States, the harness will apparently cost $64.99 per the Tailhigh website. Honestly that seems pretty good if you ask me, especially if it means the end of hooking and unhooking your dog as they get in and out of the car.