This ‘Field Mag’ & Dangle Supply bong has the UltraSucc technology I crave

An ultralight waterpipe? My backpack says hell yes.

I was actually in the middle of writing about another piece of ultralight equipment when the Field Mag x Dangle Supply titanium “adventure” bong hit my proverbial desk. Needless to say I spit out the organic coffee that I had just lovingly sipped from my ultralight Paria Outdoor Titanium Pot with Lid (just kidding.) Still, my interest was piqued.

Since I’m a recovering COVID victim, and put in quite a bit of work quitting regular cigs over the last year, smoking actual herb isn’t something I partake in very often these days out of sheer respect for my recovering lungs. That’s what edibles are for, and god knows I’ve been cooking if you catch my drift. But if I’ve learned one thing over the years, it’s never say never, especially in the face of extremely niche, limited edition smoking paraphernalia like the Field Mag DangleBong Blaze, of which there are only 50.

The limited edition collab is going for $169.69 and comes with a complimentary beanie, but the regular titanium DangleBong looks pretty sick too. The high-vis color treatment is a great choice because it can stand in as a colorful accent among earth-toned decor, or compliment the more traditional camo-hat weed appreciator. And that wide mouth and extra large bowl? Exactly what you need to take advantage of what Dangle Supply calls UltraSucc technology.

Field Mag & DangleSupply

What is Field Mag, you might ask? It’s a very cool, very vibey outdoor magazine that has an Instagram account that you might as well follow, right? As an outdoor gear enthusiast, I respect what they’re doing editorially just as much as I appreciate a collab with a weed supply company. Very sharp, Field Mag. Also, 10% of the profits will go to the Last Prisoner Project, a Denver-based nonprofit that’s working to free people incarcerated for cannabis-related crimes.

Field Mag.