This custom Nissan GT-R is a monster offroad escape vehicle

You'll be out of the blast zone in no time flat.

Nissan's GT-R is a high performance sports car that isn't too out of range of most enthusiasts, but its power has been limited to the streets. No anymore, as Classic Youngtimers Consulutancy, a garage specializing in classic cars in Holland, has decided to the stock GT-R wasn't quite mean enough. In keeping with the apocalypse aesthetic that we love here at Input, Youngtimers has taken a car made for the streets and given it the offroad treatment.

This GT-R, affectionately called the "Godzilla 2.0," has a huge number of customizations both large and small. Youngtimers has given it an upgraded 3.8 liter 6-cylinder engine with more than 600 horsepower, and that should be plenty to get you and a passenger (there are no rear seats) the heck out that zombie city in no time. The big deal, though, is the 12 centimeters of ground clearance these mods provide. That extra bit of ground clearance might not seem like much, but for a sports car that's made to hug the ground, a little goes a long way.

To accomplish this, Youngtimers lifted the suspension and gave the Godzilla 2.0 way bigger off-road tires. The company also had to modify the wheel arches and fenders to accommodate those big tires, and the results look very cool. I would have gone with slightly knobbier tires to complete the look, but with that much power under the hood it makes sense to focus on traction.

There are tons of other mods too, like the custom roof rack, light bar, spare tire, and those neat lamps in the front. The macro camo wrap also complements the look, but, perhaps unsurprisingly, I'd like to see what this ride would look like in matte black or grey. And as long as we're making wishes, I'd like to see a lot more lift for a truly off-road vehicle, like this Toyota Supra dune buggy that went around the web last year. Maybe I have no taste, but I get a huge kick seeing these road-hugging cars lifted way off the ground.

If the one-of-a-kind Godzilla 2.0 seems like it might be the next addition to your bat cave, it'll only set you back about €95,000 EUR, or approximately $107,000. And if not, Yougtimers has a bunch of other cool cars for your perusing (or buying) pleasure, like this amphibious car from the 1960s, or this absolutely gorgeous custom Lancia.