This camper unfurls to become a tiny home on the go

The Haaks Opperland offers both portability and comfort.

The Haaks Opperland is a camper that can transform into a two-story tiny home.
Haaks Campers

It's easier to size up than size down. Tiny homes had their moment, but while they seem cool, for most people they just require too many compromises to be an everyday living situation. They might make more sense as a replacement, not for our regular homes but for campers. Haaks, in the Netherlands, has made just that — a camper that can expand to become a two-story tiny home, therefore giving you more space during your travels.

The idea behind the Haaks Opperland, as it's called, is to bring comfort onto the road wherever you choose to go. The camper can be attached to a truck bed for easy portability (Haaks says it's durable). Its roof expands out to reveal a second floor containing a double mattress and a triangular window on the roof.

Creature comforts — Down below on the bottom floor are all the comforts you'll want — a shower; a kitchen with a sink, cooktop, and refrigerator; and a ladder to help you climb up to bed. Everything is powered by a 360Ah battery and solar panels on the roof that can provide for endless power. For water, there's a 45-liter storage container, a water heater, and a wastewater tank.

The Opperland isn't supposed to be a place to live, it's just supposed to make adventuring more comfortable. The freedom of the open roads combined with the creature comforts of an actual home.

COVID-19 ready — Maybe now with the coronavirus pandemic causing more people to take more road trips or vacations closer to home, the Opperland could have its moment to shine. It's kind of perfectly designed for distancing yourself from others while you travel.

Haaks Campers

It's not clear if Haaks has actually delivered any Opperlands to customers – most of the product images and videos look like mockups. Its website does say the camper can be yours for a whopping €129,982 (~$152,000 USD), however. Haaks says you can contact them on their website in order to begin the process of purchasing one. Better get going on that before everyone else gets the same idea.

Haaks Campers
Haaks Campers