These one-off dog helmets are designed to give your pooch sweet dreams

Get some luxury apparel for your sleepy pup.

Remy the dog wearing a white helmet with a velcroed pillow attached to the top
Between Two Naps

Creative director Rajeev Basu quickly realized just how much dogs nap after adopting a Chiweenie (a dachshund-chihuahua mix) about a year ago. To assist in Remy the Chiweenie’s readiness for slumber, the New York-based Basu designed some puffy helmets that are more cool than kitsch while still being downright adorable, DesignBoom reports. Each helmet from the Between Two Naps project is one-of-a-kind so that each pupper feels special and the design team isn’t swamped with orders.

"Between Two Naps" — The helmets are filled with down alternatives, Japanese parts, and covered in luxurious fabrics from France and Italy. It’s not surprising that these limited-run helmets run upwards of $500 each. Basu calls the project, "Between Two Naps."

The first batch of helmets was designed and made by Basu — who doesn’t have a fashion background — with the guiding hand of Kelly Miller (who does). In addition to being the current accessories designer for Tommy Hilfiger, Miller’s résumé touts work for Kate Spade, Luana Italy, and Rebecca Minkoff.

New collections are coming soon, but helmets will always be one-of-a-kind, so your pooch will always be the talk of the park... even if they're too fast asleep to enjoy the undoubtedly effusive praise from passersby. You can buy a helmet here or just follow the project (modeled by Remy, of course) on Instagram if you don’t want to spend half a grand on your dog’s naps.