The eBussy is a modular electric vehicle with massive strength

Yes, that's the real name. The vehicle itself is impressive, though, with ten body styles and 737 lb-ft of torque.

The eBussy is not a Grindr party bus. It’s also not a car, exactly — it’s more. That’s what German company ElectricBrands is promising from its upcoming modular electric vehicle, with a name we just can’t let slide. Yes: it’s really called the eBussy. It’s also really impressive.

The eBussy looks like a hippie van, or a curvy pickup truck, or a delivery van, or really whatever you want it to be, it seems. And it retails at just over $18,000 for the base model.

Ridiculous name aside (does anyone at ElectricBrands know how to use Google?), the eBussy concept is very intriguing. Unlike other popular electric vehicles, the eBussy doesn’t try to look and behave like a traditional car — it’s something else entirely. It’s just far enough outside the box to actually change the way we think about ground transportation if it works well.

Small battery, big muscles — Every eBussy model comes with just one 10 kWh battery pack. For those keeping score at home, that’s just 10 percent of the capacity of Tesla’s Model X. It also comes equipped with solar panels on the roof for extra energy storage.

ElectricBrands says that battery will carry you up to 200 kilometers (124 miles) on its own, but you can also purchase an additional 30 kWh battery pack for an additional 400 kilometer (250 miles) of range.

Most impressive, though, is the vehicle’s massive strength with that tiny battery. The vehicle’s all-electric motor base creates just 20 horsepower — the whole vehicle weighs in at just under 1,000 pounds for the base model — but it can create up to 737 lb-ft (1,000 Nm) of torque. That’s more than the Model X’s 487 lb-ft.

Customizable to the extreme — The eBussy’s real claim to fame is its near-ludicrous customization capabilities. The vehicle’s base can be modulated into ten different body types, depending upon what kind of ride you’re looking for.

One vehicle, ten body types.ElectricBrands

Even the vehicle’s driving mechanics can be customized: the steering column isn’t fixed in place, so you can actually slide the steering wheel between left, right, and center positions. That’s thanks to drive-by-wire steering tech that doesn’t use mechanical connections to the front wheels.

It’s…really called the eBussy — If there’s anything at all holding the eBussy back, it’s that it’s called the eBussy. Check UrbanDictionary if you're not sure what we're talking about.


Google doesn’t seem to like the name, either. Potential buyers being redirected to “Claire de Lune” might not be the best for business.

Kudos are warranted to ElectricBrands for attempting to break out of the constrictions of traditional car-making — a feat not often executed so well as this. But let’s circle back to that name, ElectricBrands. We need to have a long talk about that name.