Thank goodness, now you can change your font on Slack

Bored of Lato? Slack can help you fix that.

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Typeface snobs and just about anyone tired of seeing the old and dry Lato, rejoice: Slack is officially equipped with a font changing option. The discovery was popularized by dozens of Twitter users on Friday morning.

Here's a quick guide on how to get rid of Lato for however long you want and type all fancy. Note: the change goes live for you only. On your end, you'll see your chosen font while other users will continue to see their default or customized one. Without further ado, type this in your message field:

/slackfont [name of font]

Presto. A whole new world. Proof:

Input Mag

To go back to Slack's default Lato font, simply type and enter:


We dig it — It's a great option for any typeface hipster or people who just want a small change, and it's proof that Slack is trying to improve its service for everyone — in the middle of criticism that its program is used by cops.

The company's chief financial officer, Allen Shim, wrote about ever-evolving business needs and Slack's commitment to delivering on those ends. "It’s clear that a sustainable long-term adaptation depends on a much more comprehensive re-examination of how you lead your team," Shim said. "Don’t think of this as surviving a crisis. Think of this as balancing on the cusp of a new era of work."

What people think — A cursory glance at Twitter shows that people are pretty much in love with this new Slack feature. One explanation is fairly straightforward: people like to have a say in matters, including how text appears on their screens. No one really want to live in a world where Comic Sans MS or wingdings is king but it's a good joke every once in a while. So whether you're a Helvetica nerd, a pensive Courier user, someone who likes playing with fire by using Papyrus or Verdana, Slack has room for your mood.