Samsung's Bespoke fridges are getting the hypebeast treatment

Artist collabs, limited drops, and new devices to customize.

Samsung’s lineup of wildly customizable fridges is about to get the hypebeast treatment. The company announced today that the Bespoke line will be expanding to the rest of the kitchen — and with it, Samsung is dropping collabs with artist Andy Rementer and illustrator Thibaud Hérem.

The limited-edition door panels are available for purchase on along with the rest of the Bespoke products beginning today. Samsung is teasing that Rementer and Hérem’s custom panels are just beginning.


A refrigerator is one of the most looming presences in your kitchen; it only makes sense to put care into the appliance’s design. Samsung is ushering out the days of dull stainless steel fridges and welcoming a new era of kitchen design — one where your appliances don’t have to be monotone and match everything else, but instead, become design centerpieces.

More Bespoke than ever — Samsung introduced the aptly-named Bespoke line about a month ago, and already the company is expanding it to include other appliances. All of the new products complement each other in both style and connectivity. Starting today, customers in the U.S. can purchase Samsung’s new Front Control Slide-In Range, a Bespoke over-the-range microwave, and a Linear Wash dishwasher.

Here’s the Bespoke Cube Air Purifier at work.Samsung

The Bespoke line is also moving beyond the kitchen to the rest of the house. Samsung is today introducing a new AirDresser, a Cube Air Purifier, and a Jet Cordless Stick Vacuum, all of which fit into the overall Bespoke aesthetic scheme. All of the new Bespoke products are designed with the intention of marrying functionality and beauty. And, because it’s 2021, they all connect to each other and your smartphone via Wi-Fi, too.

Why not both? — Household appliances are — for good reason — designed with functionality in mind first. In the last few years, Samsung has pushed the limits of appliance design, allowing us to actually enjoy looking at our most monstrous gadgets.

The Bespoke Air Dresser in Navy.Samsung

Doing a hype drop for fridges is a fresh idea that once again proves Samsung’s hypothesis right: there’s no reason we should have to choose function over form. Samsung is letting us have both. Andy Rementer’s limited-edition fridge panels are stunning — sure to brighten up your kitchen and become the ultimate conversation piece.

Samsung’s partnership with French illustrator Thibaud Hérem has resulted in a limited-edition fridge panel set depicting the Chateau de Fontainebleau, a French historical landmark. That design will be available in France, Poland, and Italy at launch.

Hérem’s Fontainebleau design.Samsung

The collabs from Remender and Hérem are just the first few of many to come, and like other hypebeasty refrigerators, the price point is going to help keep uptake limited: pricing starts at $3,159 for a counter-depth unit and climbs $100 for the dull-depth version. Leave it to Samsung to keep us on our toes waiting for appliance merch launches. We’re ready for our kitchens to become a whole lot cooler.