Samsung’s Pokéball charging case turns your Galaxy Buds 2 into cosplay

The official collab between Samsung and Pokémon has delivered a limited-edition Pokéball charging case for your wireless Galaxy Buds 2.

Samsung x Pokémon Galaxy Buds case

Pokéballs aren’t just for your Pokémon anymore. Samsung is partnering with Pokémon (again), to release a Pokéball case that charges your Galaxy Buds 2. The perfectly round case does make the wireless earbuds case a bulkier, but any downside is immediately negated by how awesome this design is.

The Galaxy Buds 2 fit right into the Pokéball case.Samsung

Previously, we got to see a somewhat deflating Pokémon-branded Galaxy Z Flip 3 from Samsung that just looked like the basic black version of the foldable smartphone with some Pikachu stickers thrown on top. Even the Pokédex carrying case in that collab was more creative.

But this Pokéball case is an absolute home run for Samsung in terms of design and functionality. It even has me considering shifting all my devices to Samsung just to take advantage of these Pokémon collabs.

The case comes with one of 11 stickers at random.Samsung

A holo Mew for the collectors — Samsung is bundling the Pokéball case with its Galaxy Buds 2, which comes in five color options including onyx, lavender, graphite, white, and olive. While the case comes with the Galaxy Buds 2, it also can fit Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds Live.

A nice touch for all the Pokémon collectors out there, is that the Pokéball case will include one of 11 different stickers depicting fan-favorite Pokémon at random. Personally, I’d be happy with the Gengar or Ditto stickers, but the holographic Mew sticker is rarer and will show up only five percent of the time.

Who am I kidding, we all want that holographic Mew sticker.Samsung

Gotcha! Samsung was caught — The Pokéball case will be available on May 20 on Samsung’s website, but I can see these selling out fast since they’re priced at 134,000 South Korean won or roughly $105.

If you get your hands on the case, the only real downside is that you’ll have to constantly resist the urge to throw it like an actual Pokéball whenever you go for your Galaxy Buds. I mean, it’s technically a case, but I’m not sure that Samsung would recommend recklessly tossing it.

Assuming the Pokéball earbuds case does well, here’s hoping that Samsung releases some cool variations like a Masterball version. Now that we have an official Pokémon Z Flip 3 and a Pokéball case for the Galaxy Buds, there’s a glimmer of hope for my wish of a Pokédex-style Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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