OtterBox announces bacteria-fighting glass screen protector

The antimicrobial tech is even registered with the EPA.

Screen Protector Glass. Vector illustration of transparent tempered glass shield for mobile phone

Our phone screens are among the dirtiest things we touch — and we touch them a lot. I mean, how often do you really clean your screen? Luckily the folks over at OtterBox understand this: at CES, the company announced its first antimicrobial glass screen protector for iPhone.

Glass screen protectors can feel very redundant in an era where our phones are already made of nearly uncrackable glass. But this one might just be worth it to fight off those pesky germs.

Minimal details, but it seems legit — Pricing, release date, and other details about the Amplify Glass are yet to be announced. The inner workings of the screen protector’s bacteria-fighting technology also haven’t been disclosed just yet. However, it has been registered with the EPA, which lends a fair amount of credibility to the technology ahead of its launch.

Top-notch protection, too — OtterBox has become known for its dedication to creating quality products to protect your tech, so the Amplify Glass is sure to follow suit. The Amplify Glass promises five times greater scratch resistance than other glass screen protectors on top of the antimicrobial technology.

Only available for iPhone right now — The Amplify Glass has only been announced for the latest iPhone models, though it’s likely to eventually match OtterBox’s other screen protectors, which are available for many Android phones, too.