Nomad’s suitcase-sized grill means cookouts now know no bounds

The newest grill from Nomad BBQ is small enough to take as a carry-on item, just don't try to start grilling on the plane.

A Nomad briefcase-sized grill

Compact, travel-friendly grills are great to have handy for quick outdoor excursions or impromptu poolside hangs, but the newest addition to the mix courtesy of Nomad Grills may be the ultimate griller flex. The new Nomad Grill and Smoker comes in such a compact form that it could easily be mistaken for a briefcase or carry-on bag for your next business trip.

The 28-pound, rugged aluminum box featuring ergonomic handles measures 20.5 x 13.5 x 9.5 inches, and folds open into two charcoal grilling stations, complete with slots for stainless steel grates. When fully opened, the Nomad offers 425-square inches of grill space — enough for 30 burgers, according to the company (or one giant burger, according to us).

Get ready to grill on the go — Folding up the grill isn’t just to make the thing extra portable, either. When closed, the Nomad can still operate as a charcoal smoker, provided you have enough time on your hands. And speaking of hands, the design includes exterior ventilation atop layered walls to keep your mitts unscathed, as well as magnetic vent slides for better temperature and dampness control. It’s even got a Tel-Tru MFG bimetal thermometer on its side to keep a close eye on the heat while “enabling you to set your rig on many unconventional surfaces,” as Nomad’s site says. We’ll let you decide which surfaces make the cut there.

Granted, none of us are going anywhere right now, but when this whole “unprecedented pandemic” thing blows over, you could show up to the office for your next in-person meeting carrying this thing. Go in there, bust this baby open, and offer up the whole company some sweet, slow-roasted spare ribs. You could even make the whole thing extra innovative with some Beyond Burgers, now conveniently offered at Walmart, of all places.

The price of admission — This kind of convenience and high-end design isn’t cheap: The Nomad Grill and Smoker costs $599 and grabbing a second steel grate (strangely there's only one included) will set you back another $119, and add 3 pounds for a total weight of 31 pounds. So perhaps you won't be taking it on a plane after all. Or, if you do, it'll be in the hold. Which, frankly, is probably the smart move anyway.