Motorola hopes a very 2000's blow-up chair will boost Razr sales

The company has partnered with inflatables retailer, Minnidip, to release nostalgia-inducing furniture for some damn reason.


Hey, remember Motorola’s Razr phone? No, not the original one from back in 2004, but that ridiculously expensive, shoddily made abomination from earlier this year. What a stinker, right? Well, perhaps to atone for its recent reboot sins, Motorola has announced a partnership with the inflatables company, Minnidip, to release a throwback, blow-up armchair circa the early 2000s in an attempt to drum up sales for its upcoming Razr 2 smartphone release next month. Which is... a choice.

Be the envy of all your junior high school classmates.Minnidip

It’s a damn inflatable chair. In 2020 — The Minnidip... sigh... CH(AIR) is a “statement piece of inflatable furniture” coming in “Blush Gold” for anyone looking to spend an hour strenuously exhaling air into a plastic tube until they’re red in the face. Now, to be fair, the ch(air)’s design isn’t hideous or anything, but all it takes is a single sit on a blow-up couch or regularly-spelled chair to know that they aren’t made for comfort. They’re made to tell your long-suffering friends that you got a totally rad inflatable chair. Those who are still drawn to furniture that makes your house resemble a dorm room can preorder the thing for $70. Yes, $70.

Hey, since we’re rehashing the past, how about taking a trip down memory lane to the time Motorola straight-up told a company not to conduct a post-mortem on our own 2020 Razr? Or shall we remember that other $1,000 defective smartphone it offers? You know, come to think of it, an overpriced, once-trendy-now-tacky piece of furniture released in conjunction with an overpriced, once-trendy-now-pointless piece of phone hardware is a pretty solid pairing.

Yep. Still a $70 balloon chair at this angle, too.Minnidip
Oh, thank God.Minnidip

For anyone looking for just how we got to this sorry state of foldable smartphones, allow us to recap its brief history for you. For now, maybe we should all just stick to taking notes on foldable e-ink screens until the technology for LED and OLED panels catches up to our need for bells and whistles. Until then, would everyone kindly sit down?