This Thing Rules

Moft's laptop stand has made working from home a joy, not a burden

Almost as thin as a quarter, this is the laptop stand for anyone on the go.

Shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic began, I was planning to buy a laptop stand because I work remotely here in Los Angeles, California. Life was simple. My needs were ordinary. I just wanted a reliable laptop stand that wasn’t too heavy, could be transported around if the need came up, and wouldn’t burn a hole in my wallet. Of course, coronavirus-induced lockdown efforts put a temporary halt to that plan with delivery services slowing down, orders missing, and my no longer having the need or desire to leave the house.

I resumed hunting for something that could elevate my Macbook without causing a dent in my budget. I'm not sure if it was my incessant whining about it online that caught the attention of off-app ad trackers or if the National Security Agency wanted me to shut up about it, but I started seeing ads for the Moft laptop stand. I bought one in the design called "Watery Pear," and a few days later it turned up in the mail. I have to say: it's pretty tight.

Mehreen Kasana / Input

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What you can expect — When the Moft stand first arrived, I was concerned it might struggle to keep up with the demands of my enthusiastic typing. It's as light as a standard pen and not much thicker than an American quarter. I’m not kidding. Take a look at the picture below.

Mehreen Kasana / Input

The stand comes with an adhesive strip, covered when you first receive it. Peel off the protective layer, apply it to the bottom of your laptop, and you're good to go. It can hold up to 18 pounds and takes literal seconds to install.

A stand, not a standing desk — The Moft laptop stand is a stand, not a desk. If you have previously worked in an office space where standing desks are a thing, you might be used to elevated counters for working. But this stand still gets the job done. It elevates the back of my laptop by up to four inches, or 25 degrees (the lower alternative is a 10-degree inclination).

Placed on the average counter in your home, it becomes a makeshift laptop desk without you having to burn major cash. When placed on my working desk in the lounge, it lessens the strain on the nape of my neck. If you’re a remote worker who works with computers all day long, the laptop stand makes WFH a little more bearable. Stylish even — just look at those colorful, minimalist pears.

Mehreen Kasana / Input

And, if you’re on the go and enjoy working in outdoor spaces or at cafes eventually when such things are safe and encouraged again, the Moft stand goes with you wherever you do, since it folds flat against the bottom of your laptop when you press it down. Fortunately, it also takes up practically no additional space in your bag.

Great for Macs — There's no such thing as a perfect laptop stand. In this case, Moft has one glaring flaw. It only works well with Macbooks since their bottoms are solid pieces of metal and don't have vents (those are at the rear). But if your laptop has a fan underneath this could lead to overheating as the stick-on stand covers the bottom of the device almost completely, blocking any openings for ventilation. Also, there’s no way to remove it without peeling it off, and if you do, you’ll need some double-sided tape or similar to reapply it. So, if you’re going to go with the Moft, you’re going to need to commit to it.

Still, for those without commitment issues and without any vent impediments, the Moft laptop stand is an affordable — and visually pleasing — way to make the WFH experience a little more comfortable.