Luno's custom air mattresses turn almost any car into a bed on wheels

With custom fitting to more than 1,800 vehicles, there's never been an easier way to pack up and head out for an adventure.

Camping is an activity often reserved for those with carbon-spitting RVs or full sets of camping gear, but it can be just as exciting with your everyday commuter vehicle thanks to Luno, which has created an entire line of car-camping essentials to ensure your adventures are comfortable and affordable without all that climate-killing gear.

Luno’s mission is simple, really: make car camping more accessible. Sure, you can just recline your seats as far back as they’ll go and curl up that way, but you’re almost guaranteed to wake up with a stiff neck and bleary eyes.

With the pandemic still looming large and indoor spaces looking less appealing than ever, we’re all looking for new ways to relieve our steadily mounting cabin fever. A quick getaway with just the essentials — and your new durable air mattress — has never looked more appealing.

Customized and comfortable — Air mattresses aren’t exactly a new invention. A quick internet search will turn up dozens of cheap inflatable sleeping options.

Luno’s most impressive innovation is its attention to detail. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. In fact, quite the opposite. Luno’s air mattresses have been customized to fit over 1,800 unique vehicles. Just put in your make and model when you go to order one and Luno will send you a mattress custom-fitted to your car.


The Luno mattress also stands apart in that it’s not just a rectangle: it’s designed to fit around the backseat footwells. That adds an average of 15 inches of extra space for you to sprawl out under the stars.

Plug and play — The Luno mattress is self-inflating, so there’s no need to heave along a separate air-pumping unit with your camping gear. The mattress inflates using power from your car’s cigarette lighter — and it can inflate in just five minutes flat.


That odd-looking seam down the middle has a use, too; each side of the Luno mattress inflates on its own. So if you’re camping with a friend and one of you wants your sleeping surface to be less firm, that’s very much an option with the Luno. And, unlike a traditional air mattress, this design means you won’t feel much movement if your friend shifts around a lot in their sleep.

Backseat style — Luno knows you’ll be bringing some essentials along on even the most barebones of camping trips. The company has designed a seatback organizer for this very purpose, with room for a water bottle, your phone, and some reading material. A detachable pouch, meanwhile, is perfect for your travel toiletries.


With proper care, your Luno mattress will provide comfortable sleep on a near-endless number of camping trips, thanks to its tightly woven fabric laminated with durable PVC coating. It even comes with an ultra-durable carrying case and a repair kit in the unlikely case of pesky air leaks.


The Luno mattress is available starting at $225 on the company’s website, though you can also bundle it with two seatback organizers for just under $300. Pack one in your new Ford Bronco for the ultimate adventure combination.