Lady Gaga and Adobe want to see your 'Chromatica' face

What does the musician's latest album mean to you?

In a venture that is bound to send tons of Lady Gaga stans — aka "Little Monsters" — into a creative frenzy, the Grammy-award winning musician has partnered with Adobe and Live Nation for an artistic challenge. This time, it's personal. Those interested in the Chromatica challenge have to channel what Lady Gaga's latest album means to them.

You can share your creative designs on Twitter or Instagram from today until July 21. The hashtag you'll need is #LadyGagaxAdobe, which is a pretty sweet spot to check out what designs other Little Monsters are presenting. But wait, there's more. Hint: Cash.

And for the winner — If your design impresses the Adobe, Live Nation, and Lady Gaga board of judges, you will win $10,000 in cash (or whatever the local currency equivalent is in on your region).

You will also receive a high-quality print of your design, which will feature the coveted signature of Lady Gaga herself. And finally, for those truly invested in sharpening their artistic skills, the winner will receive a year-long Adobe All-Apps Creative Cloud subscription.

Here's some visual inspo — Don't know where to start? Here's some visual inspiration for the Lady Gaga Chromatica Challenge directly from Adobe.

What Lady Gaga says — In a press release for the Chromatica Challenge, the artist sounded excited for what's to come. "My fans have consistently shown their love and creativity through their art over the years, and always make me feel so happy and understood," Lady Gaga said. "I can’t wait to see what Chromatica means to them." Still not sure where to start? Maybe watching the mesmerizing "Sour Candy" video will help. Failing which, try the wholly-shot-on-iPhone video for "Stupid Love." If those don't get you in the mood, this probably wasn't the competition for you anyway.