Kodak made a 53,100-piece, 28.5 foot-wide puzzle to distract you from COVID-19


The number of pieces in Kodak's new $600 puzzle of the world's wonders.

The team at Kodak must be bored. And they think you might be too. Which must be why the company has decided now is as a good a time as any to release what it’s calling the “world’s largest puzzle,” a 51,300-piece monster that, when finished, measures 28.5 feet by 6.25 feet, which is — entirely coincidentally — approximately the available floor space of a Manhattan studio apartment once you’ve put in a single bed.

Oh, the places you won’t go! — Each of the 27 images of “wonders from around the world” comes in its own 1,900-piece package. So you can build them separately if you wish, and then interlock them when you’re done. Or never connect them and trim off any protruding bits, perhaps. Whatever you do with them, each of the 39-inch by 24-inch images is sure to remind of all the places you can’t go right now.

Kodak says each image was “taken by a professional photographer, then digitally enhanced and printed in high quality.” Which looks like code for “was given the HDR treatment and some heavy-handed action with the saturation slider.”

We love some of the image choices. In between traditional touristy snapshots of favorites like the Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal, there’s an incredible piece of American patriotism starring the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. that’ll surely have you itching to put a clenched right fist to your heart.

Puzzles are hot right now — With millions of people staying home to combat the spread of the coronavirus, puzzles are doing a roaring trade these days, so expect this giant of the genre to fly off shelves… well, fly into delivery vans and mail trucks, rather, despite its $600 price tag.

We’re still getting to grips with the edges of the $25 moon puzzle we wrote about in early April (aka, a lifetime ago.) It turns out round edges and a monochromatic palette make things really hard. Fortunately, we have the time to struggle through it. And to struggle through Kodak's 27 wonders, assuming we can find one in stock at Amazon, Puzzle Warehouse, or Serious Puzzles, that is. All three outlets claim to carry the puzzle, but all three are sold out at the time of writing.