WhatsApp is finally getting Dark Mode for iOS and Android

Hello darkness, my old friend.

Future Artist/E+/Getty Images

It's official. Facebook has announced that WhatsApp is getting a Dark Mode, which will be supported on all the latest Android and iOS devices. Unlike other popular platforms that have added the feature, WhatsApp gets a rather rich gray display for its Dark Mode instead of the pitch-black and white one we're used to seeing.

Why grey? — Facebook's decision to opt for a deeper gray, as opposed to an intense visual dichotomy between black and white, is to ensure users don't experience visual fatigue while using the hugely popular messenger app. The company lays this all out in its ad, which is actually pretty funny. A deeper shade of gray, it turns out, is less burdensome on your eyes.

"When choosing colors," Facebook stated, "we wanted to minimize eye fatigue and use colors that are closer to the system defaults on iPhone and Android respectively." Here's what the new Dark Mode looks like on Android.

Why you should give Dark Mode a try — For starters, as Facebook notes, Dark Mode is great for reducing eye strain. Especially when you're flipping your phone out in bed at night, you don't want to exert unnecessary pressure on your precious eyeballs. Plus, Dark Mode is pretty nifty when you want to avoid awkward situations, including when your phone lights up the room (like, say, when you're in a theater).

When it comes to staring at your screen for longer durations, Dark Mode makes reading a little easier and less exhausting. Plus, for those concerned about their battery life, Dark Mode consumes less power on devices with OLED screens. For these benefits alone, the WhatsApp Dark Mode makeover is a welcome update.