Dreaming Vinyl reimagines songs as animated vinyl stickers

Ever seen vinyl artwork and wished it moved with the song?

Vinyl record on a colored background. Old vintage vinyl record isolated

Something about the combination of songs and animation creates a more powerful listening experience. Two designers, Jay Vaz and Lawrie Miller, have created a platform called Dreaming Vinyl where songs are presented as animated vinyl stickers. Check it out:

Meeting audiences where they are — The duo, who already create visuals for artists through The Mannequin Collective, says that through their work they found lots of clients bringing up the topic of vinyl sleeves as the format experiences a bit of a renaissance. Having both studied graphic design in school, they toyed around with vinyl until they thought of trying to animate the artwork as if it were spinning. Now the two help emerging artists debut new songs using the format, which they say can enhance the listening experience and help to draw attention to new songs on more visually-centric platforms like Instagram.

“We want to create content for these platforms to be used by artists to promote their work,” Lawrie said in an interview with the site It's Nice That. “Many of the animations aim to grab the attention of the audience within the first few seconds, taking into account how social media content is currently being consumed.”

This new type of artwork could be a cool way to bring attention to and connect people to new artists through eye-catching art. Dreaming Vinyl aims to direct audiences to links on independent platforms like Bandcamp and Discogs where new fans can directly support these up-and-coming performers through song and merchandise purchases.

You can find all of Dreaming Vinyl's collaborations on Vimeo.