Deck for Reddit is Tweetdeck for Reddit addicts

It's kind of r/perfect.

SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

Reddit, the self-proclaimed "front page of the internet" is simultaneously home to some of the internet's smartest and most controversial groups. With over 430 million active monthly users, more than 130,000 communities, and 30 billion monthly views, staying on top of it can be hard, even for diehard users. Deck for Reddit aims to bring the same sort of convenience and functionality to Reddit that its namesake, Tweetdeck, brings to another of the internet's largest gathering places, Twitter.

The web-based tool makes tracking multiple subreddits far more manageable while also making it easy to engage and contribute, assuming you're so inclined and not — like much of team Input — merely a chronic lurker.

What goes on in the background — Although it doesn't have any control of personal data like your Reddit password, the Reddit deck has access to a good deal of information. For example, it can access your inbox and send private messages to other users, it can look into the CSS of the subreddits that you might moderate, and once you've signed in, it will have access to posts and comments through your account, meaning it can also be used to approve, remove, categorize content as NSFW, and the other powers you'd expect from any respectable Reddit tool, like the ability to report violations, hide individual submissions, or select the flair for your posts.

What a test run looks like — If you've ever used Tweetdeck the interface will look extremely similar. Here's a screenshot of my deck showcasing the subreddits for r/books, r/history, r/horror (yes), r/Frugal. The most recent posts appear first. On the left sidebar, you'll notice the icons for my subscribed subreddits. You can add a new one by clicking the plus sign on the left sidebar below the subreddit icons and there's an option to add multiple accounts.

Input / Mehreen Kasana

What about privacy? — Deck for Reddit has a brief but helpful rundown of privacy information that's opened by clicking the "i" icon in the bottom left of the screen. For analytics, the deck relies on Google Analytics and Plausible Analytics to track your usage while your Reddit username is stored for the "sole purpose of synchronizing settings across devices."

The website runs smoothly and feels featherlight as opposed to the regular Tweetdeck that is known to suffer glitches and freeze every now and then. It's entirely web-based and makes tracking, reacting, and of course, posting a lot more condensed on one of the most visited websites on earth.