CoffeeJack is a tiny, eco-friendly, coffeemaker you can take anywhere

The device brews espresso using no electricity, pods, or filters and can fit in your pocket.

CoffeeJack promotional imagery

There's a lot of gimmicky, coffee-related products out there in the market these days, so it's really gonna take a lot to sell us on anything promising "innovation" or a "disruption of the caffeine paradigm" or whatever. We here at Input like to think we've seen it all, especially when it comes to coffee. But what we haven't seen is an electricity-free, pocket-sized espresso machine that uses the concept of a car jack but uses it to force water through coffee grounds to create barrista-grade coffee anywhere. Anywhere!

It's called the CoffeeJack... and we're not sure what that feeling of thousands of tiny wings in our belly is, but it might be love at first sight.

Shut up and take our money.CoffeeJack

An espresso maker that can fit in your pocket — The CoffeeJack is a small, manual-press coffeemaker in the same vein as an AeroPress, but with more pressure. Using a patent-pending micro-hydraulic press, the CoffeeJack can brew up a cup using more than 9 bars of pressure, rivaling many professional-grade (read: super pricey) espresso machines. All you need is some hot water, the ground coffee of your choice, and the pump will do the rest. No filters, K-Cups, or similar landfill-cluttering bits required.

Well damn.CoffeeJack

Shipping next month — Since its fundraising campaign on Indiegogo went live late last year, the CoffeeJack has gone on to become the most funded coffeemaker in crowdfunding history, with over $1,600,000 in backing and counting. After getting pushed back from May, it's slated to begin shipping sometime next month.

You can reserve one for $99 right now, which is down 46% from its full price of $146 once the thing is released. Honestly, this thing is genuinely appealing for its eco-friendly design, and there's something about just heating up some water and suddenly getting a great cup of espresso without needing a clunky, massive espresso maker cluttering up your kitchen. Of course, if you want to make a cappucino or a flat white or something else involving milk (or a substitute) you're going to need a separate device for that... but we suggest embracing your inner Italian and learning to love black coffee instead.

If that's too long to wait and you need copious doses of caffeine sooner as we close in on the fall months we can also suggest this ridiculous(ly cool) alarm clock-coffeemaker combo, or just a good, old-fashioned, solidly made French press from Muëller.