Cake's 'cheaper' Kalk Ink motorcycles will still ruin your marriage

The cheapest model is now $9,500, which in this economy is likely to test even the most stable of unions.

Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer Cake makes some of the best-looking two-wheelers on the market, but they're also some of the most expensive. Its latest Cake Kalk Ink and Ink SL (the "SL" stands for street legal) motorcycles have started shipping and cost around 30 percent less than its existing line-up... but with the most affordable model starting at $9,500 it's still out of reach for most buyers.

For the fortunate, well-heeled few in the U.S., Europe, and Asia who put down the requisite $200 deposit to secure one, they can expect delivery any day now.

The Cake Ink SL includes street-legal features like lights, turn signals, and a license-plate holder.Cake

The electric bike you want – What makes Cake's bikes stand out is that they're some of the few electric bikes with fully custom parts. Others like the Sur Ron Black Edition can be had for substantially less, but they're using parts taken from dirt and mountain bikes.

Cake's bikes top out at 56 mph, are designed to handle off-road terrain as ably as urban environments, and are rated for up to three hours of ride time.

The Kalk Ink features the same frame, drivetrain, and battery as Cake's higher-priced bikes, but it drops the heavy-duty Öhlins shocks that provide for a super smooth ride. It's more cost-effective and geared towards casual riders wanting to do some trail riding, not offroad mountain stunts. The regular Ink isn't street-legal but the SL edition adds the necessary features to take it on city streets without drawing the ire of law enforcement.

The best of both worlds — The cheaper Kalk Ink is can hit a top speed of 50 mph and the battery should offer up to 50 miles of range, or 2-3 hours of free riding at speeds of 45 mph. The higher-end, street-legal Kalk Ink SL takes the price up $1,000 to $10,500 and tops out at 56 mph. The will depend on your riding style, but at full-throttle on a track, it'll run out after about an hour.

We love the futuristic look of the Kalk range. It's the stuff of our sci-fi dreams... and our financial ones. Unlike some electric rides that stick to conventional motorcycle styling, Cake's offerings have always embraced the unique design possibilities that come from swapping a fuel tank and combustion engine for an electric motor, battery pack, and controller. As much as we respect and admire tradition, we're suckers for designs that hint at what's to come.