Bugatti and Tidal launch luxury tier home audio 'Royale' speakers

The streaming company is joining forces with the luxury automaker to present the "Bugatti of home audio." Or the Chiron of speakers, if you prefer.

The home audio industry is a lot fancier now that Bugatti and Tidal have entered the arena. The supercar manufacturer and streaming company have announced the launch of the Bugatti of Home Audio collection. The companies haven't slapped price tags on yet but if you're dying to find out, you can contact Tidal for more details — and debate whether you want to sell an arm, leg, or kidney for it.

Both companies say in a joint press release they're "[U]nited to strive for perfection without limits in order to perform with exceptional design, effort, and uncompromising spirit." The two main themes for the speakers are "monocoque" and "duotone." Which sounds like a mix between a high-end road bike and a Pantone color of the year. Upon closer inspection, that's not far off.

As a prospective owner of these luxury tier speakers, you get to decide what color you want to go with. You also can customize the speakers' carbon-fiber elements, what kind of fabric you want them lined with, whether you're interested in leather or not, or even as Bugatti says "precious metal surfaces." The front of the speakers comes with the Bugatti logo while the back will show Tidal for Bugatti. Here's what Bugatti has to say about the specific (and very likely expensive) details about the speaker's body:

The “Royale” is deploying four subwoofer drivers per speaker and a 3-way front unit with a midrange-driver and tweeter with diamond diaphragms. The diamond diaphragm tweeter can be also found in our cars. The Royale is an active speaker with housing extremely powerful amplifier channels inside. The matching music controller allows to connect to all kinds of sources, including music streaming services and TV and can be controlled with smart devices.

What else you should know — To call this audio series "powerful" would be an understatement. The speakers come with their own music controller, which is a convenient feature. Much like the Bugatti Type 41 Royale, the Royale home audio series is a stunning amalgamation of technical expertise to provide a clear and impressive listening experience as well as art-deco design that is likely to impress anyone interested in taking their home design up a notch or ten.


If you've got the budget and taste for it, we recommend that you get in touch with Tidal as the series won't be on sale forever. Bugatti and Tidal cap it as a tantalizing "only 15 pairs." But if you're all about frugality, how about giving the Nest Audio speaker a try instead? You could always 3D print your own casings to jazz things up a bit.