These custom PS5 faceplates will take your console to another level

For almost $40, you can play on a PlayStation 5 that doesn't look like a modern skyscraper from Dubai.

You probably remember that flood of memes about the PlayStation 5's design — and listen, a lot of it was warranted. But it looks like someone took the PlayStation 5 outer shell mold and decided to give it their own idea of a makeover. And we don't hate it.

A third-party seller known as PlateStation 5 is presenting PlayStation 5 faceplates in five different colors that could reach you by November 12. There's limited edition V1 matte black, chromatic, cherry red if you're feeling festive, jungle camo if you're in the mood for some hardcore visuals, and indigo blue to keep it chill.

Price — The running price for this custom model is $39.99. Keep in mind, none of these custom colors and builds are associated with Sony or PlayStation in any form. If you're not satisfied with the customization you got, Platestation5 offers a 10-day return policy. Here's what the chromatic edition looks like.

Platestation 5

If you're not into sleek silvers and cool black hues, Platestation 5 also offers an indigo blue edition.

Platestation 5

The matte black Platestation 5 faceplate is the complete visual antithesis of the standard white and blue PlayStation 5 console. It's much more subdued, more conveniently blending into the background, and it almost makes the console look smaller.

Platestation 5

More of this, please — As Input reported at the launch of PlayStation 5, Sony presented the console as a futuristic next-gen work of art. The idea was that PlayStation 5 could blend into your home with elegance and ease. Instead, it translated to many as clunky, jarring, and too aesthetically boisterous. And while there's nothing wrong with trying to go with a design that is bold and daring, Sony could have tried to make the model muter, more subtle, and more sophisticated. Something that didn't stand out like an unattractive and obscenely expensive skyscraper.

With the help of these customizations and colors, Platestation 5 has the ability to radically change the look of the conventional console. A little touch of cool color here and there can have an instant effect in a positive direction. At least that's what we hope for.

PlateStation 5