A Ukrainian designer is selling custom keyboards that replicate the Photoshop toolbar

We wish we were more adept at Photoshop so we could justify buying one.


If you work in a profession that requires constantly using Photoshop, you've probably memorized the keyboard shortcuts to make your job — and life — a little easier. One designer in Ukraine took that idea of convenience to another level and has come up with a custom keyboard for Photoshop, as PetaPixel and Yanko Design report. The twin-to-Photoshop-shortcuts keyboard is priced at $160 while the number pad costs another $150, according to their respective Etsy listings.

Designers are going to love this — Designers have long experimented with beginner and advanced level editing consoles. The idea is based on bringing ease and sophistication to the manual work of graphic designers, photographers, web developers, art directors, freelancers, and anyone else who spends a lot of time in Adobe's software.

Similar examples include the Loupedeck for Adobe Lightroom, and while this Photoshop shortcut keyboard doesn't seem as customizable as a Loupedeck, or even a Palette, it might still win hearts simply because it is the horizontal twin of Photoshop's vertical shortcut list. Instead of tackling the dropdown menu constantly or memorizing key combinations, a simple button will do the trick for you. And your muscle memory will adjust soon enough. After which it'll probably be hard to return to custom-keyboardless existence.

Speed up and simplify your work — Performing different actions, especially ones you do often, could get a whole lot easier with the help of this Photoshop shortcut keyboard. Each icon corresponds to a specific menu option. You can also configure the size of your brush, eraser, illuminator, dimmer, and more with the included pair of dials.

Prefer a number pad layout? That's an option, too.

Playing around with brightness, contrast or any other function is a breeze when you don't have to mess about with on-screen icons. And undoing things with a single button press certainly beats having to hit CTRL + Z. You can also use the number pad to open or save files.

Whichever keyboard you choose, you can get it in one of three colors: black, white, or metallic. You'll just need to wait around three weeks for delivery. But considering how much time you'll save in the long-run, that's a small price to pay. Besides, we hear that patience is a virtue. At least, that's what the IRS tells us.

There's a keyboard for that — Perhaps the best part about this custom keyboard is that, according to its designer, you can create a keyboard for practically any program under the sun. All you need a little money and some time. At the moment we have plenty of one of those things.