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YouPorn debuts its 'Wheel of Foreplay' to boost intimacy during COVID-19

Allegedly, it's even better than baking bread.

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Not one to be left behind, sex-tech is trying to offer coronavirus-themed solutions for homebound (and most probably sexually frustrated) people, including singles, couples, and those in long-distance relationships. To spice things up, YouPorn just collaborated with the Future of Sex Lab to create an intimacy-booster in the form of the "Wheel of Foreplay."

People can pick from an ever-growing (ahem) virtual deck of categories detailing themes like the physical-oriented "Push It Real Good," the more cerebral "Cosmic Connection," the "Some Like It Hot" selection, which apparently "feeds sensual connection," and a lot more.

Positively millennial design — Even if your libido has, understandably, checked out since the COVID-19 outbreak, you still might appreciate Wheel of Foreplay's design. The first thing you'll notice is how similar it is to the irreverent and millennial-centric color selection and contours of OkCupid. Here's an example.


And another.


What YouPorn says — The vice president of YouPorn, Charlie Hughes, says:

Intimacy is a major part of connecting and strengthening relationships. At YouPorn, we take pride in knowing that our users can enjoy the content we supply with their partner or partners to help take a break from everyday worries while strengthening their relationship. We’re excited to join forces with the Future of Sex Lab team to switch up game night with something that’s new, personal and intimate. Our interest is helping people focus on creating new memories and exploring new aspects of their sexuality with each other, which we believe is now, more important than ever.

Here's the (purported) bonus — Wheel of Foreplay, according to its creators, isn't only designed to quench your fantasies under lockdown. It's also geared toward boosting your immune system during these strange times, according to the producer and host of Future of Sex Lab, Bryony Cole.

Researchers have long tried to understand the health benefits of getting handsy in bed (or on the sofa, kitchen counter, or balcony.) A study from the Department of Medical Psychology at the University Clinic of Essen, Germany, jumped on the topic years ago, way back in 2004. By studying a group of 11 sexually active men, the paper found that their post-orgasm white blood cell count was higher than the pre-orgasm figure. Similar effects have been observed in women. Still, there's contention and debate over whether the chemicals within your body undergo a rapid and powerful immune change just because of sexual stimulation.

The social benefits are, however, much clearer. Enhanced foreplay signals active involvement and investment to our partners, according to research. So even if the medical debate goes on, efforts like Wheel of Foreplay carry psychological plus points that could lead to increased intimacy. If nothing else, it ought to make your bedroom a lot more interesting. And it's a more interesting way to pass the time than building a puzzle or watching your sourdough starter grow.