You can now pin your 3 three favorite comments to Instagram posts

The feature is intended to highlight positive comments.


Instagram is rolling out a new feature that allows you to pin up to three comments to the top of your posts. The company says this is supposed to help you "better manage the conversation" and highlight positive comments from your friends.

The feature is still rolling out so you might not see it quite yet, but Instagram says pinning is going live everywhere across the world. The feature has been in testing since May.


Highlight your popularity — Instagram is all about highlighting the best moments in your life, and pinning could be useful if your friends make funny or otherwise nice comments that add something to your posts. Or maybe you want to brag to your friends that the person you like is commenting on your stuff. Just be careful of coming off too thirsty, though, because Instagram will notify the user if you pin their comment.

Pinning could also ensure that random or negative comments aren't the first thing people see when they scroll past your posts.

Fighting cyberbullying — Instagram has released a slew of features in recent years to curb cyberbullying and harrassment. Outright blocking a bully can escalate the situation, so Instagram allows users to restrict others in a quiet way so their comments on posts are visible only to themselves and nobody else. You can also quietly hide your stories from individual users and they'll be none the wiser. Instagram users are asked, "Are you sure you want to post this?" before they're able to post comments that are considered offensive. In aggregate this is all supposed to make Instagram a more supportive community.

Now it would be nice if Instagram would do something about all those bot accounts spamming pictures with comments. Please, Instagram, stop those.