Yoga Barbie isn't introducing the youth to Satan, unfortunately

Way to suck the fun out of things, fact-checkers.

Bad news, everyone. Contrary to concerned Christian parents on Facebook, the new Barbie Breathe With Me Meditation Doll, aka “Yoga Barbie,” is apparently not a Satanic ploy to indoctrinate the children of America into the demonic lifestyle. Despite a viral warning from self-described “Speaker, Singer, Author, Worshipper, Musician” Yasmeen Suri that “Satan always comes as appearing innocent. He will never come with horns and a pitchfork,” the fact-checkers at Truth or Fiction? have rated her claim “Not true,” noting that each “Yoga Barbie” is actually “designed to invoke a hindu [sic] deity in the spirit realm.”


“I have seen children get possessed by demons,” Suri continues in her dire plea on Facebook. Truth or Fiction? does not appear to weigh in on this assertion at the time of writing, so perhaps this particular claim has some merit to it. In any case, all true God-fearing Christians should still heed her warning to “remove all toys and clean your children's room of all demonic attachments.” Feel free to donate any of this contraband to Input staff. It all sounds pretty badass.

Get thee behind me, Barbie.NurPhoto/NurPhoto/Getty Images

Not as dangerous as NFT Barbie — Although Satan Barbie has proven to be a big ol’ dud, there still exists an even more nefarious, corrupting toy doll in our midst... that’s right, we’re talking about NFT Barbie. Perhaps the announcement of a blockchain Barbie earlier this year was inevitable, but it still doesn’t make the situation any more palatable for us seeing as how the entire NFT industry sure looks like one gigantic grift job. Pacts with the Devil sound more appealing.