Twitter is testing a new reply layout and everyone hates it

As usual, no one is ready for layout changes. Twitter is right, though — conversations on the site are messy. Maybe this will help to some extent.

Nikola Stojadinovic/E+/Getty Images

Twitter announced yesterday that the network is testing an updated conversation layout so replies can be “easier to read and follow,” and people are already very upset about it.

The layout change utilizes light grey lines and staggered indentations to create a trail of replies, rather than a single stream of comments. Twitter says some iOS and web users will see the new layout now; it’s not clear if or when the update will roll out to everyone.

Twitter says it’s also experimenting with hiding the like, retweet, and reply icons on replies until you’ve clicked through to the reply. Again, only a small number of users are going to see this update right now.

As is so often the case with layout changes, Twitter users are already vocal about their dislike of the new layout. Some people are calling for Twitter to focus its attention on what they believe are more pressing problems with the site. Others are just plain angry about having to re-learn how to use the platform.

'Horrendous' — Users are by no means afraid to express their disdain for the new layout — all you have to do is check out the replies to Twitter’s announcement to understand that.

This user put it bluntly enough:

An edit button instead? Ban the Nazis? — Quite a few people responded by asking for an edit button instead. Good luck with that one. Still other users told Twitter its resources would best be directed in removing hate from the site, which users have long been demanding.

To be fair, Twitter is right that reading long conversations on the site can become an arduous process. It's like following a trail of breadcrumbs where the crumbs have been scattered at random instead of in a straightforward path.

Like all changes on the platform, users will clamor for the updates to be reversed before eventually settling into the new normal. But banning the Nazis and misinformation would be really nice, too.