Twitter is toying with the option of letting you schedule tweets

The feature in tests now would be perfect for social media managers and practically anyone interested in scheduling their hot takes.

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It looks like Twitter is testing a tweet scheduling option. The company hasn't made any official announcements yet but has begun rolling out the feature to "some" users, according to The Next Web.

In late 2019, Twitter hinted at the possibility of a scheduler in the composition window on the platform, noting that it was "experimenting with bringing one of @TweetDeck’s handiest time-saving features into" the network. Should this go live for everyone, publishing tweets will become a lot easier.

Not a bad idea — Baking in a feature like this could be beneficial for anyone who works in the realm of social media management and growth. Particularly when it comes to B2B content management, social media managers are constantly looking for free and effective software options that can help schedule posts. It takes a good amount of unnecessary manual labor out of the equation.

Right now, the more popular programs include Hootsuite, TweetDeck, Buffer, and others. So Twitter entering the arena might even encourage these programs to improve their services out of sheer pressure and competition.

Wait, wouldn't automating content lower engagement? — There is a possibility that some people might not cozy up to this feature, worrying that it may lower engagement with their tweets. It's one of the main concerns popular brands have on Twitter. But automating tweets brings convenience into the mix. It helps you decide which time would be optimal for sharing your tweets. And more than anything, you won't have to hop from one platform to the other to simply manage your content.

It's all in the context — If this scheduling feature goes live for everyone, there might be some (fun) chaos. Scheduling tweets is highly contextual. It can be a hit or miss or a complete failure depending on the time it goes up. If you accidentally post an inconvenient tweet during a controversy, it might translate as insensitive or thoughtless.

On Twitter, where hot takes rule the kingdom, this feature is likely to bring out some pretty intense drama. But it wouldn't be too different than what happens on the platform on a daily basis.