Hostess announces new crypto-themed snack called, um, 'Twinkcoin'

Yes it is really called that, and it actually has nothing to do with the blockchain.

There are very few ways in which one can improve upon the classic Twinkie snack cake, so Hostess isn’t really trying to at this point. Instead, the brand has decided to go all-in on one of the zeitgeist’s most hotly contested topics: cryptocurrency. And no, it’s not an NFT, thank goodness.

Hostess has instead created $TWINKcoin, a limited-edition version of the Twinkie that requires no cryptocurrency knowledge to enjoy. That’s because it’s literally just a Twinkie in the general shape of a coin. Same golden cake, same sweet white cream filling. A cream-filled Twink... coin.

The name on the box may scare some away, given how many small-time cryptocurrencies (sometimes referred to as “shitcoins”) have flooded the blockchain over the last few years. (It does appear someone has gone ahead and created a $Twink coin over on PancakeSwap, because anyone can create crypto with whatever name they’d like. Please don’t buy $Twink.)

There’s really only one similarity between $TWINKcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency universe: You only have to partake if you want to.

Twink coins — The most refreshing part of $TWINKcoin is that buying a pack requires very little risk with a very high chance of reward. This is exactly the opposite of how most cryptocurrencies work.

There are plenty of brands trying to make a quick buck off the rise of cryptocurrency, and, in many cases, consumers aren’t getting much in return for their participation. This often proves to be very polarizing, especially when the brand in question has a legion of devoted fans. Remember when Neopets tried introducing NFTs and the entire community revolted?

We’re thankful, in this context, that Hostess has chosen to ride out the crypto hype by simply forming its classic Twinkies into a fun new shape.

Hostess, can you hear our pleas? — The only cryptic part of the $TWINKcoin project is actually locating one of the limited-edition packs; some outlets report availability at Walmart stores, though we’ve seen no confirmation from actual customers. Hostess says from now on they’re only available on PopWild, with a limit of three units per customer.

The Input team’s most pressing question is whether or not eating $TWINKcoins is a different experience than consuming regular Twinkies. Hi, Hostess — if you’re reading this, would you please send us a package (or two) for review?