Trump’s TikTok obsession / Twitter, quit scaring us!

On this episode, we’ve got a pair of stories from the insane world of social media.

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Episode 40: Trump’s TikTok obsession / Twitter, quit scaring us!

President Trump wants to ban TikTok and has issued an executive order meant to do just that. But the real reason Trump is obsessed with the Chinese-owned social video app has nothing to do with the security reasons he’s cited, argues Input editor Ryan Houlihan. Rather, it all comes down to the president’s narcissism. Ryan joins us to discuss. And later: Every time a celebrity trends without context on Twitter, people get alarmed. Did said celebrity die? Were they canceled? Input news writer J. Fergus says they experience a panic attack any time a favorite celeb of theirs trends. J. joins us to talk about what Twitter can do to stop these scares.

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