Tim Pool sucks and a new deep-dive proves it unequivocably

An incredibly researched piece from The Daily Beast should be the last we need hear of him. Well, after this article.


Over the past few years, Tim Pool has reached millions of viewers with his very lucrative brand of news commentary. Thanks to a paper-thin CV of “woke” publications and projects under his belt, Pool was able to re-position himself as a liberal media insider turned “enlightened centrist” — which these days is really just a more palatable way to market hardline rightwing, traditionalist ideologies to millennial and Gen Z audiences.

There are recordings of the guy telling co-workers he fully expects a “race war” in the near future, multiple corroborated reports of him spouting misogynistic and ethnocentric bile, as well as dozens of people attesting to his general jackassery. He’s a bad person, and he should feel bad.

We’re sure he doesn’t, of course, but he should. And, thanks to The Daily Beast’s new, absolutely massive deep dive into Pool’s overall YouTuber grift that often sends his audiences down a radicalization rabbit hole into alt-right philosophies and MAGA cultism, he is now completely and utterly irrelevant. His con is laid bare for everyone to see, and there is no reason to pay any more mind to this textbook definition of a “jabroni.” Aside from what you’re reading right now, obviously.

Scaredy-pants Tim Pool — As maddening as The Daily Beast’s long-form investigation is, there are some truly satisfying and entertaining moments, particularly the myriad ways anonymous former co-workers and insiders mercilessly dunk on Pool for being an absolutely craven and talentless coward. “A coward and a phony,” “a joke,” “staggeringly arrogant,” “totally full of shit,” “not smart,” and “a bumbling doofus” are among the many ways people with firsthand knowledge describe him in the story.

Getting too much flak — One of the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) moments is the description of Pool being too chickenshit to go out on his actual assignments while in the field during Turkey’s political turmoil. “Pool was at times reluctant to leave the safety of his hotel room, according to several of the nearly 30 former co-workers and other acquaintances,” explains The Daily Beast, later adding that, “Pool’s main focus when reporting, those on the ground with him said, was drawing attention to himself.” Still, that didn’t stop Pool from apparently walking around Vice offices wearing his company-issued flak jacket, which is just objectively wonderful to imagine.

Unfortunately, he does real harm — Of course, none of our amusement is worth the serious damage Tim Pool continues to do thanks to his self-serving, bad faith arguments in support of truly heinous people and ideologies.

“It’s a trajectory I’ve seen before — almost always with young and young-ish men who are so laser-focused on making their own careers that they arrive at racism and misogyny almost by accident — because that’s what gets the most clicks,” reporter, Laurie Penny, recounts to The Daily Beast. There’s no convincing the most diehard fans and contrarians out there, but for everyone else: Tim Pool is awful and not worth your time. Let us speak of him no more.