This web app monitors the spread of the coronavirus

It works on desktop and mobile.

If you want to keep track of where the coronavirus cases are and how they’re spreading, it’s been difficult to find traditional apps to help. The Coronavirus App is a web-based app that provides an interactive world map or reported cases of the virus, according to Phandroid. In countries and regions, you can click through to see how many people have contracted COVID-19 in a particular region, along with more granular information like how many have resulted in deaths.

Is this legit? — This unfun version of Plague Inc. pulls its information from the World Health Organization and several other similar organizations around the world. Tech companies have had to deal with coronavirus opportunists, and app stores are being especially strict. Despite apps similar to this one popping up on Google’s Play Store, users can’t search for them, likely to avoid the spread of misinformation.

Apple is taking a less blanketed approach by only allowing apps from official health organizations and governments. And even Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are doing what they can to limit how much misinformation can proliferate on their platforms.

This isn't an app we've ever wanted, but increasingly, it's looking like it might be an app we need.

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