This handheld children's gaming emulator has an X-rated flaw

There's a very problematic app not-so-hidden within the PowKiddy RGB10 Max 2.

We love ourselves some emulators here at Input — doubly so for handheld iterations. We’re always down to try out new ones, and the latest that’s come to our attention is no exception: Check out PowKiddy’s RGB10 Max 2. It looks pretty sleek, seems to have a ton of available gaming options, and is economically priced, starting at $124.99. An existing review of the device seems to call the RGB10 Max 2 “The one gaming clone to rule them all.” Pretty promising, right?

Except... is... is that a link to... ? Um, yep... that’s Pornhub. Oh boy. On something explicitly named PowKiddy? Woof. That’s, well, that’s quite the lost-in-knockoff-translation they’ve got going on over there.

One of these links is not like the others — Yep, that definitely seems to be an extension to Pornhub wedged between MSX and PC Engine. It’s unclear how such a gross oversight occurred over at (shudder) PowKiddy, but boy oh boy is it a bad one. Normally, we’d completely laugh this one off, but it is undeniably a bit disconcerting to see that kind of mistake manifested within a gaming device specifically marketed towards children. As YouTube review channel Taki Udon points out, the product even includes a “Children’s Gift” tag within its listing page on Ali Express.


Use it as an alternative to Roku — Hey, as they say: one door closes, and a window opens. This most recent snafu was brought to our attention on the heels of Roku’s announcement that it intends to sunset non-certified apps on its streaming devices, including Pornhub, by March 2022. While we’re still not sure who, exactly, deigns to use Roku as their pornographic purveyor of choice, maybe those dozen or so people can snag one of these RGB10 Max 2 devices as a stopgap solution?