Supply Pain

Tesla leaves homeowners in a bind after solar panel roofing delays

Supply chain woes brought projects to a standstill and unfortunately, some homes were already between roofs.

three builders replace the tiled roof in the old town

It’s not surprising to hear that global supply chain issues finally caught up with Tesla’s solar roof tile installations, but for a problem that could be seen approaching from miles away, it doesn’t seem like Elon Musk and company planned ahead very well. According to a new write-up from Electrek earlier today, homeowners who were actively transitioning to Tesla’s solar roofs are now stuck with temporary patchwork materials not designed for longterm usage.

Tesla has had concerns about solar tile supplies since at least February, when they let customers know that installation delays were almost certainly imminent. Barely a month later, however, Tesla has reportedly “virtually paused” all current installations. Internal communications reviewed by Electrek indicate that the company is instead focusing on “retrofits” and not taking on any new projects until supply chain problems ease.

Inside Tesla’s newest “Gigafactory” in Germany earlier this month.Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Dyin’ for more than dry-in — While the construction delays will undoubtedly be annoying to consumers who hoped to schedule their own solar tile roof-work soon, it’s a nightmare for those already committed to the process. Electrek’s piece details one customer whose existing shingles were removed in January and replaced by just the “dry-in,” which is the waterproof layering that goes on before actual tiles.

Although dry-in is supposed to remain waterproof for up to six months, Tesla informed the customer that his installation might not happen until at least the end of the year, which could pose a bit of a problem for the unfortunate residents. Especially because the roof reportedly required repairs twice for leaks already.

Tesla? Overpromising and overcommitting? Get out of town.