Gag Bag

Tesla’s next gag gift might be a hard-shell Cybertruck-themed backpack

At least it's less offensive than Tesla tequila, short short, and 'cyberwhistles.'

Tesla loves to remind everyone that they do things a little differently than their competitors. See, unlike those suit-and-tie chumps at Toyota or Ford, Elon Musk has a real sense of humor and is totally tapped in to the latest internet memes. Who remembers those $69.420 Tesla short shorts that used the company’s car model names to spell out “S 3 X Y?” Or the $250 Tesla tequila making light of deadly automobile accidents? Or that “Cyberwhistle” that calls the joke police on all those pesky whistleblowers out there? Oh, and the hideous Giga belt buckle! Haha! Elon is quite the cutup, right?

So what could be next for the Technokings loyal subjects? How about a ridiculously expensive Cybertruck-shaped backpack creatively named the “CYBERBACKPACK?” A new trademark filed by the company seems to point that way. Maybe Tesla hopes that if they keep churning out these gag gifts, we’ll all forget about this, this, this, and this? Can’t hurt to try, right?

CyberScam — Nothing else is currently known about the potential official CYBERBACKPACK or if it will actually become a real thing — well, more real than this fan-made version that Tesla’s trademark is almost certainly based upon. That backpack was designed by a Tesla superfan named Riz, who told Yanko Design last month that they designed the beast of a satchel while “waiting anxiously for [his] Cybertruck to arrive.” The backpack purportedly features a TSA-approved security lock, hidden pockets, and USB charging ports attached to a battery pack.

According to Yanko, Riz’s “ultimate dream” is to have his creation listed on Tesla’s site as official merch while “splitting the profits with Tesla’s Technoking Elon himself.” Judging from the trademark filing, it certainly sounds like his dream may be well on its way to becoming a reality, so good on him, we suppose.