StockX now lets you buy and sell holographic Pokémon trading cards

Another spot on the internet where you can catch 'em all.

StockX, the site that started as a resale marketplace for sneakers, is moving into new territory: holographic Pokémon trading cards. The company has announced it will start carrying authentic cards from Wizards of the Coast (WOTC), giving Pokémon fans another place on the internet to buy and sell their items. There are already more than 483 listings on StockX, including a Charizard-Holo card from 1999 that's priced at $5,500, and chances are that number will increase significantly in the weeks and months to come.

Bid, buy or sell — In case you're not familiar with how StockX works, the site lets you bid on items or buy them out right if you're willing to pay the lowest asking price. You can sell directly on the app as well, but be advised the company will take about 12 percent of the total sale price for transaction and processing fees.

Whether you're a buyer or seller, the Pokémon trading cards have to go to the company first, where it will authenticate them and ensure that their condition is as described.

More than just sneakers — The addition of Pokémon trading cards is part of StockX's expansion into collectibles, which includes selling anything from $3,000 KAWS vinyl figures to super rare, limited-edition Supreme skateboards. In 2017, StockX also started a vertical for high-end watches and handbags, in addition to the sneaker and streetwear goods that have made it popular.