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‘Fart in a jar’ TikToker pivots to selling her fart jars as NFTs

Stephanie Matto is, as far as we can tell, the first person to sell fart jars on the blockchain.

Take a moment to read that headline again. Savor it. This is a real piece of news coming at you from the depths of the internet. This is the energy we’re bringing into 2022, whether we like it or not.

Stephanie Matto has made more than $200,000 selling jars she’s farted into. It started as a publicity stunt — Matto hoped to gain some new followers for her burgeoning influencer business — and bloomed into full-fledged entrepreneurship.

Then she had a fart attack. She thought the problem was more serious than that, given the intense chest pains she experienced. After a rush to the hospital and a barrage of tests, Matto found out the very thing that had made her rich was causing the pain; she’d been eating too many beans, eggs, and protein shakes to fart more.

“I didn’t tell the doctors about the farting but I did tell them about my diet,” Matto told Jam Press.

For now, at least, Matto is retiring from farting into jars. But she will still be selling them — just in virtual form. That’s right. Fart jar NFTs.

Collectible works of fart — It feels like just about everything has been turned into an NFT at this point. But Matto is, as far as we know, the first person to ever sell fart jars as NFTs. The venture is history-making, in a way.

The fart jars are in limited supply — just 5,000 will be minted on the blockchain. Minting a fart jar NFT costs 0.05 ETH, which, at the time of this writing, comes in at around $190 before blockchain gas fees. That’s about what a physical fart jar was going for before Matto’s retirement.

A few fart jar NFT examples.Stephanie Matto

Matto is also offering some perks for NFT buyers. Everyone who mints one will gain access to an exclusive Discord community (should be interesting). The holder of the most NFTs by the end of the project’s first week will win a 30-minute Zoom sesh with Matto. And some lucky NFT buyers will actually be able to redeem their virtual fart jar for a real one (or for undergarments worn by Matto).

The NFT abyss — Matto is a true entrepreneur. A trip to the hospital couldn’t stop her business — it just helped her mold it into a new form.

If there’s anything we’ve learned about NFTs in the last year or so, it’s that you can sell just about anything on the blockchain for a quick buck. Virtual shoes, a drawing of your eyes, an Applebee’s burger — there are no limits.

So no, we’re not shocked that someone’s selling fart jars as NFTs. That’s just the world we live in now.