Screw Apple Fitness+, the people deserve Digimon Vital Bracelets

A Digimon-themed Fitbit knockoff? Strap them on our wrists now.

Sure, Apple Fitness+ is a potentially Peloton-killing health system that can make workout converts of the most skeptical among us, but neither option is prepared for the latest revolutionary market disruption: Digimon exercise wearables, baby!

Earlier this month, Bandai unveiled its new line of Digimon Vital Bracelets, which are essentially Fitbit-powered monster trainers. Users will be able to employ three modes within the bracelets:

  • Pulse Link, which tracks physical activity like step counts and heart rates to influence your Digimon's evolution path.
  • Pulse Touch Link, for a competitive "auto-battle" system between users.
  • Applog Link, which records your collection of monsters, along with pictures, missions, and competitive rankings.

Three versions, with more customizations to come — Three editions of the bracelet will be available at launch: black, white, and a limited edition yellow model. The new line of wearables contain "DIM cards," (short for Digimon Identified Memory Card, obviously) which "will unlock new arenas and allow consumers to raise special Digimon found on each respective card." All pre-sales include the "Black Roar DIM Card which unlocks BlackWarGreymon as a potential Digivolution," while the limited run yellow model also will feature another "Ancient Warriors DIM card."

Given the nature of these, we rest assured that many more collectible DIMs are on their way.

No stateside release...yet — Now, the inevitable bad news to all this: So far, Bandai has only announced Digimon Vital Bracelets for Japanese markets, with the first line slated to release on March 13, 2021. The standard black and white variants will go for ¥6,380 (around $61), with the limited edition yellow setting customers back ¥7,260 ($69-ish).