2020 Election

Sanders and Warren receive the majority of tech workers’ donations


How much — of the $1.1M donated by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Tesla, Netflix, Uber, and Apple workers — went to Sanders and Warren.


The tech elite are pleading for Democrats to nominate a moderate like Joe Biden or Michael Bloomberg to run against President Trump in this year’s election. But the vast majority of tech workers tell a different story. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have each received about one-third of all donations from workers at the nation’s largest tech companies, according to analysis from the Financial Times.

The sum total of donations to each Democratic show that, while the executives running big tech companies may worry about a progressive candidate breaking up Big Tech, their workers could pull those very candidates over into a win.

Sanders and Warren leading in small donations — All said and done, employees from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Tesla, Netflix, Uber, and Apple donated a total of $1.1 million across 2020’s presidential hopefuls. More than two-thirds of those donations went to either Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. Only 8 percent went to Joe Biden and 2 percent to Amy Klobuchar, who dropped out of the race today.

Netflix shows the least progressive leanings — The Financial Times report also breaks into more detail the specific donations made by workers of each of tech’s largest companies. FT found donations from Netflix employees to be the most moderate by far — nearly half of all donations went to Pete Buttegieg, who is no longer in the running as of this weekend. Twitter employees leaned the most progressive, with more than 80 percent of its workers’ donations going either to Sanders or Warren.

The workers could win big — It’s not at all surprising that those who have come out on top in the tech boom are wary of candidates who are open in their desire to cut down their wealth and power. Besides hating billionaires — of which there are plenty in Silicon Valley — Bernie Sanders has also called for Google to be split up. Elizabeth Warren has also been open about her plans to break up big tech companies such as Amazon and Facebook.

But the majority of voters in Silicon Valley are workers. That could prove make-it-or-break-it for both Sanders and Warren as they wrestle for the Democratic nomination.