Ryan Reynolds (and Mint Mobile) brought Rick Moranis out of retirement

Moranis, 67, has rarely appeared on film or television in nearly twenty years.

Twitter Mint Mobile ad with Ryan Reynolds and Rick Moranis

According to our hasty research, the last time the widely beloved actor, Rick Moranis, took a gig in the film business was back in 2006 for the Disney direct-to-video sequel, Brother Bear 2. Knowing this, we're a tad surprised to report that a rare Moranis cameo has been sighted in the wild... in a 30-second spot for the budget wireless provider, Mint Mobile, courtesy of Ryan Reynolds. Hey, it's been a weird year for all of us...

It's not much, but to be honest, we'll take it. As Reynolds tweeted, "Suck it, 2020." And, if nothing else, a $30 unlimited data plan really is a pretty sweet deal. For those who aren't in the know: Mint Mobile is one of the many discount cell phone carriers on the market cutting into the big companies' market share, in this case piggybacking on T-Mobile's coverage towers. The major catch here is that you'll need an unlocked phone to sign on, though.

For those needing more Rick Moranis in their lives once again, we suggest heading over to Disney+ for a Honey, I Shrunk / Blew Up the Kids double feature. Pro tip: Follow it up with Hamilton, or even The Simpsons (now in its proper aspect ratio, no less).