Trust the Plan

QAnon cultists and anti-vaxxers already fit monkeypox into their conspiracies

It's all part of the plan. Obviously.


Over the past few days, global news outlets are increasingly drawing attention to multiple new outbreaks of the otherwise rare monkeypox virus — a situation that obviously calls to mind the already existing, still-very-much-here pandemic. Although its name conjures terrifying plague scenarios — the images of its symptomatic lesions don’t help, either — monkeypox is generally considered to be a relatively mild affliction lasting between two and four weeks with comparatively low fatality rates. While there is no known cure for the virus, there is a lot of evidence that smallpox inoculations can prevent contracting the illness, as well as lessen symptoms’ severity.

All this to say, you shouldn’t be too concerned with double whammy pandemics on the horizon at the moment; that is unless you subscribe to QAnon cultism and similar, anti-vaxx conspiracy theories. If that’s the case, nothing I’m telling you right now is probably going to change your mind, because monkeypox is clearly the Satanic Global Elite’s next phase of its Great Plan to control the masses and inject us all with microchips. Clearly.


It’s all part of the plan — A quick perusal of various rightwing Telegram channels showcases a rapidly increasing number of QAnon personalities roping monkeypox into their overarching conspiracy theories. One of the most prominent is currently highlighting that AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccines contain weakened chimpanzee adenovirus vector. True believers are pointing towards this as proof of some sort of diabolical scheme, despite the fact that chimpanzee adenovirus is most certainly not monkeypox, and is more akin to a common cold. It’s also not remotely dangerous to anyone, seeing as how the AstroZeneca vaccines’ included adenovirus has been genetically modified so as to be “impossible to grow in humans.”

Many are also highlighting a January 2022 highway crash in Pennsylvania that briefly resulted in several lab monkeys escaping their shipping containers (an event that drew raised eyebrows from White Replacement espouser, Tucker Carlson). Again, nothing to do with current monkeypox outbreaks, but y’know, monkeys were involved, so obviously that means... something?

Meanwhile, others are referencing a practice pandemic response scenario designed by the Nuclear Threat Initiative last year centered on a modified strain of monkeypox. Never mind that this war game variation is meant to better prepare nations to actually respond to such events — not to mention countless practices like this one are published and run every single year. But this one coincidentally involves monkeypox, so throw that one into the “evidence bucket” for followers of Q.

Further entrenching their beliefs — Regardless of what monkeypox conspiracies MAGA cultists and anti-vaxx truthers choose to believe, it all generates the same conclusion — the powers-that-be cannot be trusted about anything, and that any future medical advice will only reinforce their commitment to remaining proudly contrarian to any suggested public health safeguards.

Thankfully this time around, it’s unlikely their reticence to believe anything they hear outside their echo chamber about monkeypox will affect larger population. That said, this still remains a serious issue for whatever future, inevitable societal public health emergencies we have in store as climate change and eco-collapse continue to destabilize our lives.

“[They] planned this whole damn thing out JUST like with COVID. And now, it’s more fear porn and gaslighting from MSM...Don’t fall for the BS!” one prominent, antisemitic QAnon account posted via Telegram, the author’s brackets around “They” presumably a variation on the triple parenthesis dog whistle.

“Well known to us but to the cult, they can not see through the wool over their eyes,” one of their followers responded.

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