Reality Check

Putin and Russia are the good guys actually, says QAnon

If Papa Trump says it, then it must be so.

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during a joint press conference with German Chancellor follo...

Although the majority of American politicians and NATO allies unilaterally condemned Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine this week, one group is extolling Vladimir Putin’s brazen aggression.

“WOW!!!” prominent conspiracy theorist John “QAnon John” Sabal, posted to his Telegram channel yesterday. “Putin may have just prevented the next global ‘plandemic.’... A lot of those targets he is bombing in Ukraine are US Biolabs [sic] funded in large part by the NIH.”

This, of course, isn’t even close to the truth, but good luck telling QAnon cultists that right now. In many of their minds, Putin is on the side of The Great Awakening and is simply bombing innocent Ukrainians to free us all of the global cabal of Satanic pedophile cannibals. While it isn’t wholly surprising to see Q victims side with Putin due to Trump’s past (and recent) praises of the totalitarian, it just goes to show how deep they’ve fallen into the rabbit hole.

Thanks, John.Telegram

Yet another “Red Pill” opportunity — According to QAnon John, the current geopolitical crisis is (once again) a perfect “red pill” for the uninitiated Q recruits out there. “Is it finally the time to admit the fact that [COVID-19] came from the U.S., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill to be exact, and then was exported to a US/NIH funded lab in Wuhan China to be released to the world???” he posted yesterday.

No. It is, without a doubt, not time to admit this “fact.”

Anointed by Trump’s golden touch — QAnon believers are so jazzed about the Russo-Ukrainian conflict thanks to Trump’s longtime cozy relationship with Putin. In their minds, anyone positively associated within MAGA world must surely be working with him to bring down the Deep State and all the various evils plaguing the world right now. This black-and-white worldview has resulted in some truly bizarre ideas, including the theory that Kyle Rittenhouse is basically a double agent for the CIA because he criticized QAnon-touting lawyer Lin Wood.

Expect this kind of tortuous logic to continue from the QAnon cultists in the weeks and months ahead. To them, Trump is quite literally chosen by God to lead us all into a new, glorious age, i.e., a... prophet. If he says he likes someone (such as Putin), then that person has essentially been blessed by the divine. Yeah. It’s that bad right now.