Hackers took over fifteen NFL teams’ social media accounts

It’s the same group that’s targeted Jack Dorsey in the past.

No one is safe when it comes to getting hacked. The latest proof of this: 15 NFL Twitter accounts were hacked on Monday, with one group claiming responsibility for all of them.

Everything is hackable — The group that reportedly carried out the attacks, which goes by the name OurMine, left cryptic messages on the hacked Twitter accounts. The official @NFL account and 14 others tweeted “Hi, we’re Back [sic] (OurMine). We are here to Show [sic] people that everything is hackable.” The tweet also included a link to the group’s website. The site contains links for various “security services” — clicking them would undoubtedly do the opposite of securing your computer.

OurMine is nothing new — Earlier this month, OurMine also claimed responsibility for a hack on Will Smith’s Twitter account. In 2016 the group claimed a hack on Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook account. It has also been connected to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account being compromised in the past.

Which begs the question: if this known group has been targeting high-profile accounts on multiple occasions, why isn’t more being done to stop them?

The hack spread to other social media — Some of the targeted teams’ Instagram and Facebook accounts were also affected by the hack. Over at the Vikings’ Instagram, for example, the hacking group posted its logo over and over again with similar messages to those in its tweets.

At the time of this writing, all 15 NFL-associated accounts have been locked by Twitter. Some of the accounts have already gotten back to tweeting as usual, with no mention of the hack. The OurMine Twitter account has also been locked. Facebook and Twitter have both confirmed that they are investigating the hacks.