Microsoft's latest ad throws shade at Apple's Touch Bar, and it's not wrong

The company also claims the Surface 7 is a better gaming computer... which isn't saying much.

Dogs versus cats. Mongooses (mongeese?) versus cobras. Hippos versus literally everyone. All natural rivals, but one particular pairing outdoes them all: Microsoft versus Apple. Well, that's what Microsoft would like us to think once again, judging from its latest commercial snipe at the House of Mac. This time, the company took aim at Apple's infamous MacBook Pro Touch Bar while talking up its own Surface Pro 7.

The Touch Bar is a touchy subject — The 30-second spot aired last night during the NFL's championship games and features a lovable scamp comparing the rivals' current offerings. "Mac gave me this little bar, but why can’t they just give me a whole touchscreen?" he asks, referencing the much-maligned Touch Bar. He neglects to mention that the feature is almost definitely getting nixed in this year's upcoming MacBook editions, but hey, Microsoft only had 30 seconds to work with...

"Surface comes with a pen, and has a touchscreen," the kid also adds, which is also sorta stretching the truth a bit, since the commercial's fine print notes the Surface Pro Pen is "sold separately" at one point. But yes, Microsoft's alternative does include a touchscreen, which is something Apple fans have been begging the company to add to its laptops.

Other odd "selling points" — "[The Surface Pro] is a much better gaming device," is another claim bandied about during the commercial, and is probably also true, but that's like saying your Model-T is a much better mode of transportation than a horse-and-buggy. Apple products — to the annoyance of many (this author included) — have never been gaming powerhouses. But the Surface Pro can't handle most up-to-date video game titles (unless you're streaming, which you should be), so this statement is a little hard to take seriously.

Price is, as always, the main difference — Look, we're not saying people shouldn't purchase a Surface Pro. It's a really good 2-in-1 option, even if it's not doing much to stay ahead of the curve lately. Apple, meanwhile, is doing amazing things with its bespoke, M1 processors, and they look set to make the next generation of MacBook Pros extremely attractive.

As always, it really comes down to cost: MacBook Pro's starting price of $1,299 versus the Surface Pro 7's $890. That's simply a fact.